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These are some good numbers!!!

% of startups with comprehensive customer support processes have pivoted!

% of the existing product marketing ecosystem is made of bootstrapped companies!

new startups have emerged as unicorns in the last 18 months (Jul'21 to Dec'22) in India

% is the average paid customer dropoff rate among the analyzed unicorn startups.

Going Out To The Market Quick Is The Key To Validate

The success of a SaaS company is heavily dependent on Product-Market Fit.

Instead of going by preconceived notions or assumptions, bet on facts backed by research data.

I'm Balaji Vijayaraghavan. I'm a GTM Specialist with experience in launching 40+ products with over 15 startups. Touchwood, all products are doing well in the market. I'd attribute it to the process that was formulated and followed for the success of all the SaaS platforms that I was a part of... Here's how we do it!!!

Just a matter of a process to follow, to emerge a unicorn!

...and that's what we preach.

It is all about getting your basics right. Knowing the pulse of a lean startup, we have something handmade for you! Get everything you would need for your startup to Go To Market.

Pricing Strategy

Learn how to price yourself competitively, what to offer as a freemium, and how to scale. It's all about making people open their wallet!

Checkout Heuristics

The art of keeping things simple and straightforward is the key to a successful sale. Nurture them for more information.

Usability Heuristics

User Experience inside your product plays a vital role in motivating the users to log back in regularly.

Okay... It sounds like we are giving you some advise. No. Let's get to the task!

Here is a FREE toolkit for you, and that would make your life easy to launch your product, hopefully!


DFY attention-grabbing content templates for marketing works!

Sales Pages

CRO friendly landing pages that entices more users to sign-up for your offering.

Admin Stuffs

Audits, Recruiting, Compliances, HR, Accounting Kits - Download it all!


Starting from pitch decks to branding toolkits, gain access to everything.

Guess we are confusing you. Clarifying here:

Often people use 'launch' and 'Go To Market' interchangeably as both sound similar from the marketing standpoint. These two aren't the same! GTM Strategy can be implemented in all scenarios not limited to launch, while the launch is always a type of a Go To Market strategy.

Not all Go To Market strategies are launches. But all launches are part of a Go To Market strategy!

- Sri Sri Ballsananda

Do Market Research

Market Size & CAGR alone doesn't constitute Market Research. Get all your facts right - to take prudent strategic decisions backed by proper data.

Get Product Basics Right

For a SaaS platform, customer support & documentation makes or breaks the brand. It's not difficult. It is not easy either if you fail to streamline it all.

Brand Positioning

Who do you want to be known as? How do you want to be seen? Where are your customers? What is their pulse and perception of your brand? It is all about how you set it right!

Marketing & PR

Automate the entire nurture stream to keep your prospects and customers engaged with relevant information from time to time. Keep a Success Manager on the bay for your customers!

What are you waiting for? It's FREE!!!

Check out all these resource materials. We promise you, these would give you great confidence in moving forward at large!

  • Marketing SOPs*
  • SEO Checklist
  • Startup Lisitngs
  • PR Toolkit*
  • Ad Campaigns SOP*
  • Pitch Deck Toolkit
  • Sales Pitch Drafting*
  • Investor Pitch SOP*
  • Video Scripting SOP&
  • Branding Briefcase*
  • Market Research Kit*
  • User Persona Sheet*
  • Content Calendar*
  • Sales Page Copy*
  • Email Templates*
  • Agreements
  • Accounting Kit
  • Statutories
  • Admin Toolkit
  • HR Toolkit

*available only as a part of salesqualifyd cohort

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